THINKWARE U3000 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear 2CH and iVolt Ext. Battery (BAB-95)

Regular price $ 799.99
Sale price $ 799.99 Regular price $ 949.99
THINKWARE U3000 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear 2CH and iVolt Ext. Battery (BAB-95)

THINKWARE U3000 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear 2CH and iVolt Ext. Battery (BAB-95)

Regular price $ 799.99
Sale price $ 799.99 Regular price $ 949.99
Product Description
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U3000 bundle


U3000 what's in the box 2 ch
What's in the box?
  • Front Camera
  • Rear Camera Unit
  • 12V Power Cable
  • OBD II Cable
  • Trim Tool
  • CPL Filter & Heat Blocking Film
  • Windshield Mount & Spare 3M Mounting Tape
  • 64GB Micro SD Card
  • iVolt Ext. Battery (BAB-95)
  • Hardwiring cable

Enjoy unparalleled parking protection with Thinkware’s all-new U3000 dash cam. The built-in front and rear radar enables the dash cam to monitor motion and impact with minimal power consumption while in Parking mode, allowing for prolonged surveillance of your parked vehicle. Featuring Sony’s next-generation STARVIS 2 sensor, the U3000 benefits from the latest advancements in recording technology to capture stunning daytime and nighttime footage in 4K UHD.

4K Sony Starvis 2 U3000

u3000 built-in radar

u3000 wi-fi


4K Front with Sony STARVIS 2 Sensor & 2K Rear

The U3000 delivers improved 4K front and 2K rear recording performance compared to the U1000, thanks to Sony’s new STARVIS 2 sensor and a more powerful Ambarella CPU. The addition of an adjustable bitrate offers the flexibility to record sharper footage.

Super Night Vision 4.0 takes advantage of Sony STARVIS 2’s advances in high sensitivity and low noise technology to help the U3000 capture clearer footage in low-light conditions.

Built-in Front and Rear Radar

Radar Parking mode is a low-powered recording mode that utilizes the U3000’s built-in radar to monitor motion with minimal power consumption (requires hardwiring or OBD-II cable, OBD II cable included). This allows for longer buffered parking surveillance so you also have footage of events leading to an incident. When a motion or impact is detected, the U3000 will save a 20-sec video clip (10s before and 10s after the incident has been detected).

Easy Wi-Fi Device Pairing

Built-in Bluetooth allows hassle-free dash cam pairing with your compatible Android or iOS device via the Thinkware Link App. Once paired, replay your latest driving videos and manage your dash cam’s settings with the Thinkware Link App.

ADAS & Safety Camera Alert with Built-in GPS

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) helps you stay safe on the road with alerts for lane departures, front vehicle departures, and potential forward/rear collisions.

The built-in GPS antenna tracks the speed and time data of your vehicle and enables the dash cam to alert you of upcoming red light cameras and speed cameras.

thinkware connected

Thinkware CONNECTED App

Thanks to the Thinkware Connected companion app, you can keep tabs on your vehicle with features like Remote Live View, Locate Vehicle, and Impact Notification when the U3000 is connected to the internet. You can access Thinkware Connected both on your smartphone and desktop. The app is free to download and use on both Play Store and App Store.

Note: Internet connection is required, carrier charges may apply.

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ivolt xtra battery

Pair with the included iVolt Xtra External Battery

Get up to 20 days of Radar Parking mode by pairing the U3000 with the iVolt Xtra External Battery (sold separately). When connected to the battery, the U3000 will announce important information such as battery charge level and status, and unlock the ‘External Battery Saving’ setting. This feature allows the dash cam to automatically switch to Energy Saving mode and conserve power if the battery level falls below 20%.

Note: *Time is based on ideal conditions; actual run and charge time may vary.

**It is not possible to hardwire the iVolt Xtra in some electric vehicles like Teslas because they do not have a traditional fuse box.

  • High Capacity of 7500 mAh
  • Long Run Time of 27 hrs in Parking Mode*
  • Fast Charging in under 55 mins*
  • Compatible with EVs**
  • Safe LiFePo4 Technology
  • iVolt Battery App



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Thinkware Dash Cam North America warrants to the original purchaser for the following period from your purchasing date against deficiencies in material and workmanship under normal use. Should this unit fail to operate in a satisfactory manner within the warranty period, Thinkware will at its discretion, replace or repair the product. We may use functionally equivalent, similar (if model is discontinued or out of stock), reconditioned, refurbished, remanufactured, pre-owned or new products or parts.

Main Dash Cam unit in Box: 12 Months
All Accessories: 12 Months

MicroSD Card: 6 Months

A camera unit’s warranty is tracked via original purchase receipt.

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What this warranty does not cover:

This limited warranty does not cover:

  1. If the device was not purchased from an authorized Thinkware retailer.

  2. Device malfunction due to the normal wear and tear, misuse, lack of maintenance, accidents, modification, alteration or repairs by an unauthorized person or entity.

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  4. Thinkware is not liable for any damages (properties, business, and/or indirect damages), loss or corruption of data for any reason, product damage or personal injuries that occur due to accidents or natural disasters.

  5. Thinkware Dash Cam records and saves video of vehicle accidents. It does not, however, guarantee to record all accidents. Accidents with a light impact that is not enough to activate the impact detection sensor may not be recorded.


Vantrue dashcams carry a 18 month manufacturers warranty. Vantrue accessories carry a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Warranty repairs/replacements are administered by FFB Tech. 

Vantrue offers email/chat support on their website.