THINKWARE iVolt Mini External Dash Cam Battery (BAB-50) (Hardwiring kit required)

Regular price $ 249.99
Sale price $ 249.99 Regular price $ 249.99
THINKWARE iVolt Mini External Dash Cam Battery (BAB-50) (Hardwiring kit required)

THINKWARE iVolt Mini External Dash Cam Battery (BAB-50) (Hardwiring kit required)

Regular price $ 249.99
Sale price $ 249.99 Regular price $ 249.99
Product Description
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE; Allows the dash cam to remain in parking mode for up to 20 hours or 16 hours with a rear camera
  • FAST CHARGING: Fully re-charged after 45 minutes of driving
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installs into your vehicles fuse box (professional installation recommended)
  • WARRANTY: 1 year manufacturer's warranty (only valid when purchased from an authorized re-seller)
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all Thinkware Dash Cams


THINKWARE iVolt Mini External Battery Pack

Thinkware iVolt Mini

iVolt Mini External Battery Pack

Increase the duration of the Parking Surveillance mode of your THINKWARE Dash Cam with the iVolt Mini External Battery.


  • Allows dash cam to remain in Parking mode for up to 20 hours, or 16 hours with a rear cam added
  • Fully recharged in 45 minutes while driving.


The external battery requires Hardwiring Cable installation. Compatible with all THINKWARE Dash Cam models.

*Hardwiring Cable is required accessory to install the iVolt Mini External Battery. Sold separately.



We are official, authorized dealers for all the products we sell. Warranties from the manufacturers are as follows. 


Please refer to your product’s manual for warranty information. As a general rule, BlackVue dashcams and add-on products (Power Magic Pro, Power Magic Battery Pack, etc.) bear a one-year warranty period. Memory cards are covered by a 6-month warranty, and consumables such as tapes, cable clips, etc. are not covered by a warranty. However, even within the warranty period, if the malfunction is due to user’s negligence, repairs may be handled for a fee.
A receipt or any proof of purchase will be required to determine the product warranty period. You must retain your purchase receipt or other proofs of purchase to receive warranty service.

Blackvue support email -

Blackvue support phone number - 844-694-4469


Thinkware Dash Cam North America warrants to the original purchaser for the following period from your purchasing date against deficiencies in material and workmanship under normal use. Should this unit fail to operate in a satisfactory manner within the warranty period, Thinkware will at its discretion, replace or repair the product. We may use functionally equivalent, similar (if model is discontinued or out of stock), reconditioned, refurbished, remanufactured, pre-owned or new products or parts.

Main Dash Cam unit in Box: 12 Months
All Accessories: 12 Months

MicroSD Card: 6 Months

A camera unit’s warranty is tracked via original purchase receipt.

If service is required please contact us by email at or phone at +1(844) 865-9273 (Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm, and Saturday from 9am – 5pm PST).

What this warranty does not cover:

This limited warranty does not cover:

  1. If the device was not purchased from an authorized Thinkware retailer.

  2. Device malfunction due to the normal wear and tear, misuse, lack of maintenance, accidents, modification, alteration or repairs by an unauthorized person or entity.

  3. Products that are operated in combination with ancillary and/or peripheral equipment not furnished or otherwise certified by Thinkware for use with the product or any damage to the products or ancillary and/or peripheral equipment as a result of such uses.

  4. Thinkware is not liable for any damages (properties, business, and/or indirect damages), loss or corruption of data for any reason, product damage or personal injuries that occur due to accidents or natural disasters.

  5. Thinkware Dash Cam records and saves video of vehicle accidents. It does not, however, guarantee to record all accidents. Accidents with a light impact that is not enough to activate the impact detection sensor may not be recorded.


Vantrue dashcams carry a 18 month manufacturers warranty. Vantrue accessories carry a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Warranty repairs/replacements are administered by FFB Tech. 

Vantrue offers email/chat support on their website.