VIOFO HK4 USB-C Hardwire Kit for T130 Dash Cam | Enables Parking Mode

  • $ 18.90

  • 【24 Hours Parking Surveillance】When the engine is off, HK4 hardwire kit provides continuous power to the camera, any collisions, event will be recorded.
  • 【Low Voltage Protection】HK4 hardwire lets you set a voltage cut-off value with 4 options, when the voltage of vehicle’s battery drops to the cut-off value, it will stop powering your dashcam, thus protecting your battery from discharge.
  • 【Automatically switch parking mode】With ACC detection, the dash cam will switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle engine is off. The dash cam will switch into normal recording when the vehicle engine is on.
  • 【12 / 24V Compatible】HK4 ACC Hardwire kits connects the camera directly to the car, truck, bus, SUVs, or big rig for continuous power, accepts voltage from any type of vehicles runs on 12 – 24V.
  • The red battery cable should be connected to constant power. The ACC yellow cable should be connected to ignition. The Ground cable should be connected to vehicle body. NOTE: You need to prepare 2pcs fuse tap to work with the hardwire cable. HK4 hardwire kit is for VIOFO T130 dash cam, ISN'T compatible with other series of our dash camera.