VANTRUE Rearview Mirror Mount N2 Pro, N2, X3, T2, T1, X1, X1 Pro Dash Cams

  • $ 18.90

  • Comes with 4 different joints, works well with Vantrue N2 Pro, N2, X3, T2, T1, X1, X1 Pro dash cams, Rexing V1, V1P dash cams, Yi 89006 dash cam.
  • This rear view mirror mount allows you to mount the dash cam behind car rear view mirror without blacking your drivers’ view, prevents your dash cam from swinging or falling down.
  • Full 360° rotation and ball-in-socket design allow you to adjust and position your dash cam as you please, providing the perfect viewing angle.
  • The soft padding ensures a firm mount and avoids damaging the surface to your rear view mirror pole.
  • Easy to install and remove. Fits most vehicles which have a rear view mirror pole at least 0.4”. Please check pictures before purchase.