Thinkware BCH-600IRW External Infrared Rear Camera for F100 / FA200 / F200

  • $ 119.99

Product description


The Thinkware F100/F200 External Waterproof Rear Camera is the rear camera compatible with the Thinkware F100/F200 Dual Channel. It is designed to record ito be mounted on the rear exterior of the vehicle. The F100 External Waterproof Rear Camera is a great solution for drivers of commercial vehicles without a rear window.

Includes 1-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Please note: This is the rear camera only, and does not come with the front camera. You must already have the Thinkware F100/F200/FA200 Dual Channel to use this rear camera.

The External Rear Camera comes with a 50 foot length cable.


Weatherproof Design

  • Installed on the rear of the vehicle, the F100 External Waterproof Rear Camera features a wide viewing angle and records HD-quality video. The F100 External Waterproof Rear Camera even detects motion at the back of the vehicle when hard-wired.

Video Recording Capabilities

  • Rear Camera: HD (1280x720) recording @ 30 fps
  • Rear Camera: Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor for crisp and detailed images both day and night
  • Rear Camera: 135° (Diagonal), 108° (Horizontal),  57° (Vertical)
  • Loop recording
  • 3 different record modes
    • Event (built in shock sensor)
    • Manual
    • Parking (built in motion sensor + shock sensor)
  • Date/Timestamp
  • Video storage in .MP4 format