ProCo EVOLUTION Studio/Stage Quad XLR Microphone Cable, 25 Ft (EVLMCN-25) Pro co

  • $ 61.99

Revolutionizing the way you connect to YOUR world. Sonic superiority and incomparable comfort has evolved into one cable. Free your part of the Evolution Revolution. ProCo Sound prides itself on the high integrity of its cables, and, warrants Lifelines cables with a "lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material. 

  • 25' Pro Co Evolution true quad microphone cable
  • Exclusive "Soft-Touch" technology (wraps easily and lays flat)
  • 95% OFC braid shield (excellent density for noise protection and braided shield for increased shield integrity and physical strength - perfect for stage or studio)
  • 4 x 24AWG OFC true quad construction (reduces noise as much as 90% over standard 2 conductor construction - excellent choice for studio reference or unyielding touring environments)
  • Low capacitance design