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Hardwiring kit for Thinkware F800, F800 Pro,F770 and X550

$ 29.99

Power your Thinkware dash cam with the hardwiring cable and enable the Parking Surveillance mode even when the vehicle's ignition is off. With professional installation, the Thinkware hardwiring kit enables the Parking Surveillance Mode of your dash cam to record incidents while you are away. Using a combination of motion and impact detection, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected against potential door dings and hit-and-runs.

  • Compatible with all Thinkware dash cams
  • Enables parking mode surveillance to protect your vehicle when you are away
  • Monitors surroundings using motion and impact detection even when ignition is off
  • Voltage sensor monitors the voltage level and automatically shuts off to prevent draining the vehicle battery

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