GNet G-ON 2 Channel Dashcam (32GB) HEVC, 60 FPS HDR | WiFi + ADAS + GPS + HW + Parking Mode

  • $ 149.90

Included in the box -

Front camera
Rear camera
GPS Antenna
WIFI dongle
32GB GNet Memory Card
Hardwiring power cable, rear camera cable, camera mounts, and instructions.

  • Full HD CMOS Sensor | Front Cam 1080P (1920x1080P) /Max 60fps & Rear Cam 1080P (1920x1080P) /Max 30fps | Front Cam: 160º /Rear Cam: 150º | H.265 /ADPCM | Up to 1TB (Including 32GB Memory card) | Wi-Fi dongle supports with Dedicated GNET application(iOS, Android) | NIGHT VISION | ADAS
  • "G-SYNCLOUD" for fleet management system by our own technology. Unlimited storage capacity beyond the limitation of dash camera storage.
  • REAL HDR: Real HDR technology. Differentiated recording of light bleeding at night. Real HDR function is included to provide clear recording quality in various lighting conditions such as light bleeding, tunneling and back lighting when driving at night
  • ADAS: 3 functions for safe drving. Advanced Safe Driving Assistance System (ADAS) Update. 3 functions for safe driving: Forward Departure Nitification (FVSA), Forward Collection Detection Nitification (FCWS), Lane Departure Detection (LDWS)
  • TIME LAPSE: Automatically apply TIME LAPSE function, WIDE VIEWING ANGLE LENS: Optimum viewing angle without distortion. G-NET APP: Smartphone link via Wi-Fi. LBP FUNCTION: Intelligent function for vehicle battery discharge protection. HNET PC VIEWER: Viewer program for PC

 Clear recording quality when driving at night


Real HDR is installed to remove light blurring when driving at night,
and it shows clear recording quality in various lighting conditions such as backlight and tunnels.

Available for long parking records


Time-lapse function automatically applied when entering parking mode

Time Lapse mode records one frame per second, minimizing the size of the video for a long time to record parking.

   Video codec(HEVC)
*HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding)


H.265 compression rate is up to 2 times higher than H.264.
It means that users can use 256GB SD card as 512GB SD card.

 For smoother and natural video play


60FPS shows smoother images by showing 6 still images per 0.1 second
than 30FPS which used to display 3 still images per 0.1 second

   Optimal viewing angle without distortion


Front camera: Left / Right distortion-free viewing angle 160 degrees Rear camera 150 degrees

The excessive angle of view refracts the image, causing side effects such as distortion and loss of distance.
The GNET system has an optimal shooting angle of 160 degrees and rear camera With a 150-degree angle of view which allow
the view of side accidents to be recorded more reliably, and images without distortion of left / right / up / down are provided.

Smartphone link via Wi-Fi


User-friendly GUI
User convenience has been further upgraded using intuitive icons for anyone to operate conveniently