LAVA Cable RED Tightrope DC POWER Solderless Kit 10ft Cable and 10 DC Plugs

  • $ 65.95


Lava Cable, LLC introduces our newest plug: The Lava DC PlugTM (Patent Pending #62/320,956) - a revolutionary solder-free DIY plug that works exclusively with our Tightrope cable in the same fashion as Tightrope and High End Tightrope plugs, twisting in and locking securely after being stripped.  Its low profile of .500” is consistent with other existing soldered DC plugs and the lowest we could design given the unique parameters of the plug. You can now connect your pedals to your power supplies in your own custom lengths quickly and cleanly!  The Lava DC PlugTM comes with a black, durable plastic cap.  Each DC plug kit comes with 10 feet of cable, 10 plugs and a stripping tool.