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BlackVue Power Magic Pro

$ 25.99

Blackvue Power magic Pro Battery Discharge Prevention Device

Rated voltage :
Input : DC 12V~24V

Output current / Stand by current
1A up to 2A / 200

Order Cut-off voltage :

11.8 ~ 12V (+/- 0.1V) / 22.8 ~ 23.2V (+/-0.2V)

Output Voltage recovery:
12~ 12.2V (+/- 0.1V) / 23.0 ~ 23.4V (+/-0.2V)

Output Voltage recover Timer :
6hours ~



Battery Discharge Prevention
Power Magic Pro is a device that supplies power to
BlackVue dashcam from car battery according to the configured voltage
or the configured timer to prevent the vehicle battery from discharge.

If you turn on the Multi-Boot button, the black box
will keep supplied with power even if the ignition of the vehicle is turned off,
until the timer setting cuts off the power.

Timer Cut-off Settings
If the timer is configured, the product supplies power to the vehicle driver recorder until the configured time has passed, and then cuts the power. In addition, the timer function only works when the engine is stopped and automatically stops if the engine is started.
* Even if the timer is configured and the configured time has not elapsed, the power is cut if the voltage drops below the configured voltage.

Low Voltage Cut-Off Settings
If the voltage is set, the product remains in standby mode when the engine is started and the products periodically checks the voltage of the battery when the engine is stopped. If the voltage drops below the configured voltage,the product automatically cuts the power to the vehicle


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