Power Magic Pro for BlackVue Dash Cameras For Parking Mode Battery Protection

  • $ 25.99

Power Magic Pro by BlackVue
  • Battery Discharge Protection
  • Configurable Cut-Off Voltage
  • Configurable Cut-Off Timer
  • 12V/24V Compatible
  • Parking Mode Switch
Hardwiring Kit for Parking Mode
Use your dashcam in parking mode by hardwiring it to your vehicle's electrical system. Compatible with all dashcam models with a parking mode.
Battery Discharge Protection
The Power Magic Pro will turn off your dashcam if your car's battery level drops to the configured voltage threshold
Configureable Voltage Cut-Off and Timer Settings
4 cut-off voltage settings (12v, 12.5v, 22.8v, 23.2v) and 8 timer settings (6 hours - Infinity)
12V/24V Compatible
Compatible with both car and heavy vehicle electrical systems
Parking Mode Switch
Easily enable/disable parking mode without affecting drive recording auto start.